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About Our Utility

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Our core belief is to uplift the artist community. We want to help. We have lived the road of the artist, watched it change from analog to digital, and we’ve seen the consequences of our industries’ actions. Financially, it has become impossible to survive as an artist without working 18 hour days, 6-7 days per week, and that is not a guarantee. Support for these artists also doesn't come until they've made it to the top, where they no longer need the help.

Our Utility

Each NFT holder is granted free access to all Timelapse Project events within our metaverse spaces. The Timelapse Project currently holds 40 plots of metaverse land within StageVerse, where we are also founders of the 8th largest designated neighborhood on their map. As we grow, we will be accumulating more land in all of the other metaverses as well.

Right now, we are in the process of building out a variety of interactive venues [art galleries, concert venues, listening rooms, and more] to create elevated and unique experiences where artists and communities can connect. Within these spaces, holders will be able to directly interact with a wide range of high-profile industry professionals.


Artists we’ve already featured and hosted include Grammy nominee Ashley Tamar Davis, KROQ #1 artist Poe The Passenger, LimeWire official artist Samuel Herb, Marvel and Star Trek composer Nami Melumad, award-winning Disney composer Jeremy Nathan Tisser, with more to come.


Access to our artist roster comes in many different forms. This can include anything from private AMA’s (Ask Me Anything) within one of our metaverse spaces, to special IRL (In Real Life) interactions, free access to digital concerts, potential discounts to IRL concert events, autograph giveaways, IRL merchandise giveaways, special VIP experiences, and more. These private events will take place in an exclusive lounge we are building just for you, the holders of our Timelapse Project NFTs.

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Holders of our ORIGINS collection will be granted additional access to a private discord channel, which allows the holder the ability to help us shape the direction of our artist interactions! Community is an essential part of our world. Without you, our community, we can’t survive. For supporting our very first drop, the Origins collection, we want to honor you by bringing you into the fold and helping us decide where we go with future events. We are also creating a secret VIP lounge just for Origins holders.

**All utilities are subject to change. Nothing is set in stone, and nothing is guaranteed. NFA, DYOR. This is an ever adapting industry that grows with technology, and so do we. Terms and conditions apply (coming soon).

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While we are beginning with the music community, we are a community of artists and we want to hear from you! If you are an artist and want to work with us, or would like us to sponsor a metaverse event, please reach out at

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