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The Timelapse Project

For the Artists, Community, and Nature.

Origins Collection now LIVE, only on PolyOne


Celebrating photography and music while raising awareness for nature and the arts through NFTs.

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Our Mission

The art market is a complex and ever-changing landscape. A key factor in the market is royalties - the payments made to artists for the use of their previously created work. Since artists make their livings project-to-project, the royalty income is what sustains them and allows their families to live in between jobs.

Royalties have been in decline in recent years, due to a variety of factors including changes in technology and the way that people consume music and media. 

The Timelapse Project is a new venture from Richard Mourant and Jeremy Nathan Tisser. The project involves gathering time lapses from around the world and adding original music to tell a story about the region's culture, history, and wildlife environment.


Every time lapse is shot live in a spectacular location. The music will be written, orchestrated, and recorded live with a global symphony orchestra. This process features a vast team of film and television post-production professionals and Grammy-nominated and Grammy-winning artists & mixing engineers.

The Origins Collection


Timelapse Loops

.2 ETH

Whitelist Price





.2 ETH

Public Mint

This is an example of your NFT. Unmute the video to hear the music.

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Nature-Generated Scarcity

Each loop is a 1/1 unique moment in time, never again able to be replicated, combined with original looping music based off the musical themes from the current series



The success of art and artists lives or dies by its fanbase. In today's digital era, artists are tasked with growing fanbases online through various social media outlets. We want to create a safe haven where fans and artists can come together to meet and mingle while supporting one another in an ever expanding community. This is our way of combating the immense pressures falling onto the shoulders of a starving artist in the digital era, and offering a new place to meet potential fans, as well as a place for fans to find new art and music to support.

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